Palm Leaf Baskets Exporter


When it started ?

Many centuries ago, the handcraft people used the raw material and started to make basket for their own use and for the use of the different workers. Then, they exported their knowledge to Spain when the Arabic occupied it during centuries. During these last years, we have taken this old way of doing and have tried to adapt it to the modern needs by creating new models and shape.

By whom?

Handcraft Palm leaf Baskets are made by numerous handcraft people at home.

Where to take raw materials from?

Different raw material is collected, in different specific parts of Morocco :

Palm Leaf :

* Dwarf Palm Leaf, of 20cm high : located in two parts of Morocco : Atlas and Rif Mountains.

* Giant Palm Leaf : collected in the south of the country,from high trees.

* Rustic Palm Leaf, of 20cm high, coming from the western Morocco.

* Sea Grass : Growing on the side of the river, in the south of the country.

Leather, tanned by hand :

* For the handles, we use only cow skin, no camel.

* For the bordure, we use only goatskin, no sheep.

basket weaving

How to process raw materials? Who does weaving?

Production :

Basket :

Raw material is distributed to women that are producing at home. Then, the baskets are collected from house to house in the different villages Morocco.

The duration for weaving is about one day but varies depending on the difficulties for each kind of basket


Handcrafts men make the tanning, and then others are preparing handles, bordures and other options of the leather. The basket and the finished leather are given to other women for sawing all the options of the leather on the basket.

Control and Packing :

All baskets come back to the warehouse for controling and packing

This total production of one basket(Weaving and Leather) needs between one day and half to two days, for one people. This activity help thousands of peoples, working most of them, at home.